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Bishop Daryl AnDrayus Shaw

God and His Church have always been central to my life. Over the years, no matter how hard I worked into the night or what kind of week I was having, that sacred island in the middle of the week, Sunday, was my respite. Church, God's flock, and the praise-centered life always renewed me.


Pastor Dr. Joe Lewis Rainbolt mentored me from the fall of 2008 to spring of 2011. His guidance and ministering example have served me well. Pastoring the Community West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, Pastor Dr. Joe taught me the responsibility and obligations a pastor takes on—and how God, humility, and a strong sense of duty and faith guides one every day.


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the youngest of two children. My family church was Bethany Church of God and Christ ( now known as Bethany Church of God In Christ ) where the late Pastor Fletcher taught invigorating, faith-filled sermons and guided people to Christ every single day. This Bible-based beginning opened a path for my future, and it's one that I've been going down ever since.


An industrious child, I worked odd jobs and helped the family out at Community Glass and Screen, doing home repairs. After junior high in the early eighties, I went on to trade school, attending Milwaukee Trade & Technical High School. I learned auto body repair, played football, and even gave wrestling a shot. Musically, I made Senior Band and the Jazz Ensemble, playing drums and percussion. This fondness for music led to more engagement in the music opportunities at church and singing in a group.


Even though the church was a big part of my life, it wasn't until March 11th, 1984, that the Holy Ghost took control. It was in rehearsal with the Victory Temple Christ Singers.

That night, the Holy Ghost entered my heart and I chose salvation. I chose the path that I'd seen early on, when I first began attending church. I chose Jesus Christ and accepted him into my heart and I never looked back. Shortly after, I became the church bus driver then chauffeur to my Beloved Pastor, the late Bishop Albert Gordon Sr. of Victory Temple Church of God in Christ.


I graduated high school in 1986 with honors and a new direction. I worked hard, right after school, gaining full-time employment at Heiser Lincoln Mercury. I was a used-car porter. After praying, I decided to join the United States Army. Active duty began in July 1987. I toured Germany and various parts of the United States, and my primary duty station was at Fort Bliss in the beautiful state of Texas. While there, I met Superintendent Roosevelt Odom at Greater Mount Gilead Church of God in Christ, who became yet another shepherd of my soul.


I transitioned from the regular United States Army and went into the Wisconsin Army National Guard and then on to the Texas Army Reserves. Throughout the nineties, I attended various churches in Texas and California. It was in San Bernardino that I became an Ordained Elder. In May of 1997, thanks to God's continuing blessing, I opened Enchanted Limousine. I began with one car and myself as the driver but grew into a company with several vehicles and drivers in more than one city.


Finally, in November of 1999, I received approval to exercise my gift of God's call in the Baptist work of ministry. Pastor Rickye L. Scott at the Chapel Crest Baptist Church gave his consent, and I'd serve under his diligent and faithful guidance for the better part of the next decade.


Unity Tabernacle Ministries, Inc. was incorporated March 5th, 2010, and, upon the recommendation of its presbytery and under the graceful direction of the Holy Ghost, the governing body declared me an Ordained Bishop.


Now, as I set forth on a new journey, I look back on the past. It's a long path, a winding one, but a steadfast and dependable one. This is the same road I was on since I was a boy, and today, I invite you to continue with me. The God-centered life with the Church as its foundation, I believe, is the right one. Let me be your guide as we venture into the twenty-first century together.


~Bishop Daryl AnDrayus Shaw

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